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March Newsletter: From Our President

Joseph Balaz 01 March, 2019

The privilege of the one who writes is that he/she can write whatever they want, so I will use this tremendous opportunity and congratulate all those Josephs/Josefs/Jozefs out there on their "Name Day," and will remind others that Josephs "kind of" bring in spring, a season we all enjoy. During the month of March the world also celebrates International Women’s Day on March 8, interestingly first established in the US. I remember that during the Communist dictatorship in the old country, this day was also widely acknowledged and enthusiastically celebrated. 


At the Bohemian National Hall, March usually means the start of a very busy season lasting into summer. Our office team is busy organizing events, and our individual organizations are staging some of their signature programs. Last week we enjoyed a new format concert by DAHA, Moravian Heartache and Microtones, which drew a large gathering that listened to the music of two Czech composers, Alois Haba and Leos Janacek, and a contemporary piece by Carl Bettendorf, present at the event. The audience brought its own drinks, blankets and cushions and indulged in the beautiful music.


I encourage you to visit with us and at the same time enjoy a good mug of beer at the Bohemian Spirit Restaurant.


Thank you for your support,


Joseph Balaz
Bohemian Benevolent and Literary Association


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