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Happy New Year 2019!

Joseph Balaz 02 January, 2019

Another promising year has just started and most of its actual outcome depends on us. Concerning the Bohemian National Hall (BNH) and BBLA, I can state that our core team, as well as our individual organizations and trustees, have already been working on many amazing programs you will want to support and enjoy. I encourage you to frequent our relevant websites—bohemianbenevolent.org and bohemiannationalhall.com—to monitor the events calendars. Due to the growing popularity of our programs, sometimes we literally run out of chairs or reach the occupancy limits, so do book in advance.


All our groups are non-profit organizations completely depending on financial help from BBLA, donations from those who not only operate these organizations as volunteers, but who also give personal funds, and from your contributions. If the last couple of years of activities at the BNH present any benchmark, then I am sure that the year 2019 will be spectacular. We will also cooperate enthusiastically with our friends representing the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs on many events.


My dear friends, I am using this opportunity to wish all of you much of happiness, health and success. I would like to thank my team at BBLA and fellow trustees for their immense dedication and those crazy hours you put in.



Joseph Balaz, President
Bohemian Benevolent & Literary Association



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