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Happy New Year 2019! General 02 January, 2019

Another promising year has just started and most of its actual outcome depends on us. Concerning the Bohemian National Hall (BNH) and BBLA, I can state that our core team, as well as our individual...

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March Newsletter: From Our President General 01 March, 2019

The privilege of the one who writes is that he/she can write whatever they want, so I will use this tremendous opportunity and congratulate all those Josephs/Josefs/Jozefs out there on their "Name...

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May Newsletter: From BBLA President General 30 April, 2019

I am very pleased that the first event organized by the new Director of the Czech Center New York, Mr. Mirek Konvalina was well attended and amazingly successful. Mr. Konvalina also had a chance to...

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Farewell to Jan Hus Presbyterian Church As We Know It History 20 May, 2019

In a heady, multi-million-dollar New York City real estate transaction, the historic Jan Hus Presbyterian Church will be leaving its 131-year-old edifice at 351 East 74st Street, and moving to a...

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June Newsletter: From BBLA President General 29 May, 2019

I would like to take this opportunity to wave a fond farewell to May and to welcome the glorious month of June. I want to congratulate us all on a successful spring season full of delightful and...

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